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5" Raku Cross w/Copper & Stone Accents

5" Raku Cross w/Copper & Stone Accents

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These handmade 5" Raku Crosses are available in assorted styles with copper & gemstone accents. The color of the actual cross varies and may differ from what is pictured. The ornamentation on each cross is as shown.

Raku is a process by which pottery is fired at a relatively low temperature and then moved while hot to a closed container with combustible materials (as paper or sawdust) that ignite and cause a reaction creating colors and patterns in the pottery's surface.

Each of Jeremy Diller’s Raku pottery crosses is fired in an outdoor kiln and left to smolder in a pit with wood shavings.  Not every one of these one of a kind ceramic art pieces survives its trial by fire.  The ones that do cultivate strength and beauty.