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Warm Woods Trilogy Medium Hourglass Candle

Warm Woods Trilogy Medium Hourglass Candle

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The Warm Woods Trilogy has layered scents of Fireside, Redwood, and Sandalwood Clove. Fragrance layers, top to bottom:
  • Fireside: This iconic fragrance from WoodWick® captures the ambiance of a warm fire with notes of bergamot, amber, exotic woods, and musk
  • Redwood: A complex infusion of rich redwood, creamy sandalwood, and soft amber;
  • Sandalwood Clove: Fragrant sandalwood perfectly balanced with notes of sweet clove spice. 

23 oz (3.88" x 4.5") A WoodWick medium jar candle will burn for up to 100 hours.

This burn time assumes that you use your WoodWick candle as directed on the product label. It is best to burn them for the time shown on the product label on the bottom of the candle. Each time you light a candle be sure that you burn it long enough for the melted wax to reach the sides of the glass, This will optimize your burn time.

If you burn your WoodWick candles for shorter periods of time it is likely that the wax pool will burrow down the center of the candle rather than burn evenly across the width of the candle jar. Once this effect has started, it is very difficult to use all of the wax and it is possible that the wax will ‘drown’ the wick.

Keep the wooden wick trimmed to 1/8th of an inch to obtain the cleanest burn. The wick, when cold of course, will gently break off with your fingers and can be discarded. Make sure that you discard all parts of the wick that you have broken off from the candle jar. Avoid leaving small pieces of it on the top of the wax.

Use the wooden candle lid as a base for the candle when it is lit to prevent damage to surfaces.